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Stanislaus Szypura

Stanislaus’ main interest for the last 30 years has been the fine arts. Since 1990 he has worked mainly as a painter with emphasis on oil painting. Other media include drawings and gouaches.

The formal means he employs have their origins in the classical modern era and in the manifestations of this style during the forties to the sixties. The discovery of the individual which Renaissance, Mannerism and Romantic Periods turned into a subject of art in different ways, forms the spiritual background to his work. A further focal point of his involvement in the fine arts is the radical positioning of the human being in the centre of his work.

The conscious decision to use an established traditional framework such as painting was borne out of the passionate need to understand and give expression to the nature of subjectivity in its concrete manifestation of spirit and soul. Subjectivity (e.g. creativity, imagination, individuality, spontaneity, etc.) to him is the central power of art. The value of humanity in its multiple dimensions and its timelessness is the motif for endless play.

Painting provides him with new, exciting and valid experiences in the above sense. This is particularly true of experiences pertaining to the arena of the empty square. Painting is therefore currently the medium best suited to his intentions.

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